CHAAT- Indian Street food


This past Saturday my family and I were craving some Indian street food but we’re not in the mood drive across town to have some of it. So, the next best thing was to prepare it at home. I already had most of the spices and had gone to my local Indian grocery store for some real good local Samosas and Dokla treats that were offered and made by local vendors. I purchased a few items and the kids and I enjoyed making great food memories. In India you can get all kinds of delicious munchies on the local streets readily available eveywhere. A few of them are shown here and probably seen before in your local Indian restaurants. Sometimes getting grocery form you local small town shops can help in making your food desires simpler to prepare. There’s nothing wrong in getting a few good quality sauces & chutney’s that are offered in the stores to make your life easier in wanting some quick foods. That’s whats called semi-homemade. I, as you can see, after preparing a few small items myself and half bought I was able to make snacking more personal and intimate for my family and enjoyed every SAVORY bite! Just a little window of sharing some thoughts!

chaat plate


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